Family Connect Care

Welcome to Family Connect Care, where our mission is to assure that our clients receive the very best medical, personal, and emotional care from their care providers. We work with the “Chronologically Gifted” and their families to enhance quality of life, encourage independence, and assure a safe and supportive living environment.


We provide a growing range of services to our clients, which are all focused on assuring the best care and both physical and mental well-being of their loved ones. Primary services include:

  • Care Management
    • Complete care management and assurance based on a care plan we create with you. We then work with your care providers to assure all necessary services are provided to maintain the best possible quality of life for your loved ones. Click here for more information.
  • Transition Care Management
    • Care management is especially critical during transitions, whether from the home to a community, from one community to another, or even from a community to the home. We help to ensure a smooth transition without interruption of essential services from your providers.
  • Placement Services
    • Whether your loved one is in the home or currently living in a community, if you’re in need of finding a community that best meets your needs and circumstances, we can help. Usually this service is provided at no cost to you.

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